This working paper aims at highlighting the role of culture and the arts in preventing, countering and reducing the consequences of violent extremism. MORE EUROPE – external cultural relations has invited Dr. Asiem El Difraoui, a political scientist, specialised inter alia in jihadism, prevention and de-radicalisation strategies, to explore how cultural activities, artistic projects, the promotion of inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue(s) can help prevent and reduce violent extremism. The paper concludes with some recommendations for further exploration of the issue by policy-makers, cultural institutions and stakeholders.


Dr. Asiem El Difraoui is a political scientist and author specialised on the Southern Mediterranean and the Arab world. His specialities include jihadism, Arab media and Arab-youth culture. He is the co- founder of the Candid Foundation in Berlin and Paris, a think- and do- tank that actively promotes Euro-Mediterranean relations.

With the contribution of:

Sana Ouchtati is an independent consultant on international cultural relations. Since 2011, she is the director of MORE EUROPE – external cultural relations, an alliance of public and private actors advocating for renewed European external cultural relations.

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