After more than ten years of advocacy, research and knowledge gathering, transnational debates, partnerships’ building  and networking, More Europe-External Cultural Relations (recently renamed Global Cultural Relations) is wrapping up its work and various strands of activities.

In order to bring the loop full circle, the team is handing out a final publication – putting together More Europeʼs main results and deliverables implemented during the last 10 years; a look back over its history; an assessment of EU policies & programmes in the field of International Cultural Relations; and most importantly an open window on the future of International Cultural Relations with the delightful input of external contributors, incorporating a set of recommendations and identifying challenges and opportunities ahead for the sector

The publication is a unique legacy by its executive team, funding and supporting partners as well as closely involved experts and friends, in Europe and beyond. It is addressed to diverse stakeholders working in the field of culture and International Cultural Relations: cultural workers and operators, artists, researchers and academics, cultural institutions, private foundations, policy makers, philanthropists, civil society organisations, and any individual or entity interested in this field.  

We are happy and proud of More Europe- External Cultural Relations- achievements and the clear shift it brought to culture in the external relations of the EU in terms of the awareness raised about various approaches and practices, cultural relations’ foundations and topics as well as principles of sound cultural cooperation, relations and exchanges. 

Over the years, it has brought a common understanding that when we advance dialogue and people to people relations and connections through culture, we facilitate mutual understanding, bridge gaps and empower involved actors to tackle local and global challenges, while respecting the work of cultural practitioners and artists. 

For International Cultural Relations to continue to thrive and develop, amid the persistent dramatic global context, it is crucial to learn from past experiences, common achievements, accumulated knowledge, research and successful practices.

Contributors: Elke Kaschl-Mohni (Goethe-Institut South West Europe), Sina Lebert (Goethe Institut Brussels), Gottfried Wagner (Special Advisor), Berthold Franke (Goethe-Institut South Asia), Fanny Bouquerel (Lecturer and Researcher), Mohit Dhingra (Jindal Global University India), Isabelle Schwarz (European Cultural Foundation), Else Christensen-Redzepovic (Expert in International Cultural Relations), Institut français Paris, Antonia Blau (Goethe-Institut Madrid), Gijs de Vries (LSE), Dea Vidovic (Kultura Nova Foundation, Croatia), Yudhishtir Raj Isar (Aga Khan Trust for Culture).

Acknowledgments for their support: Founding members, partners, our network in Europe and beyond. All those who have came across working for More Europe – external cultural relations, be it team members or external experts, speakers etc. colleagues who provided expertise that greatly benefited the development and sustainability of the initiative.

Authors and Editors: Sana Ouchtati, Ziad Erraiss.

Graphic design and layout: Ziad Erraiss.