How should we approach intercultural relations in conditions of pandemic-induced uncertainty and instability? Between April and July 2021, the Alteration programme in partnership with the Cultural Relations Platform, the Ukrainian Institute and EU Delegation to Ukraine invited professionals from the cultural, creative and civic society sectors to explore this new normal for cultural relations. 

As part of the programme, a handbook was published, which includes seventeen case studies of projects that delivered cultural relations in the new normal. These projects, and useful tips aim to become a source of inspiration for other actors in the cultural, creative and civil society sectors facing similar challenges around the world.

The case studies from projects have been divided into three groups according to their primary focus:

  • Engaging with a wider audience
  • Capacity building
  • Development of professional connections

In the handbook you will also find:

  • Lessons learned and recommendations from all the events in the Alteration programme
  • A useful list of digital tools to help you design a digital or hybrid international collaboration project
  • A list of cultural, creative and civil society organisations and networks for those of you looking for new connections or best practice examples

Download the Handbook here